Attract your dream clients consistently. Build a photography business you love.

The Photogenic Brand is a 4-week course designed to teach driven photographers how to build a thriving business and attract their ideal clients, naturally.

I've traveled the world, growing and scaling a successful photography business while teaching other photographers how to increase their income and gain a consistent flow of high-quality clients. In my decade of experience, I've noticed there are 5 common mistakes photographers make:

Hey there!

If You've...


Attended dozens of workshops

But you're still hesitant to increase your prices, unsure how to attract high-quality clients consistently, and overwhelmed with the thought of trying to grow your business — close all your tabs and let out that sigh of relief because you're in the right place.

Watched countless photography training videos

Had a few years of experience running a photography business

Downloaded all the free photography business resources

Instead of speaking directly to their dream clients, they try to appeal to all clients. (This is a recipe for burnout!)

01. They're not clear on their brand messaging

They get too caught up in what other photographers are doing rather than focus on what makes them so unique.

02. They play the comparison game

When a photographer isn't confident in their services, clients aren't confident either. But gain confidence and the clients will come.

03. They aren't confident in the value they provide

They come to me with the idea that they can't turn down clients because they'll lose business. In reality, niching and boundaries are where growth happens.

04. They treat all opportunities the same out of fear

Even though they're taking all the jobs, they're still not earning enough to achieve the time and financial freedom they crave. Instead, they are overworked, underpaid, and exhausted.

05. They aren't paying themselves a fair salary

If you relate to one or more of the above, it's time to stop this cycle and get focused on achieving the financial and time freedom you deserve.

The Photogenic Brand Course is for you if you want to... 

Make a full-time income doing something you get excited about every day

Book high-quality clients who appreciate your expertise and creative vision

Charge what you're worth and avoid getting price-shopped

Gain clarity about who you want to serve

Learn how to sustainably grow and scale your photography business

So, what's the secret for building a successful photography business?

In reality, there’s no secret recipe or quick-fix. (Sorry!) But the next best thing?

My 4-Step Framework

Module One: The Brand Breakdown

We'll peel back all the layers of your brand to reveal your brand's mission, identify your ideal clientele, and craft a strong brand message.

Module Two: The Organized Operation

The value your services hold begins with your belief in them. So in this module, we'll work on changing any limiting beliefs you may have. We'll also fine-tune your process to ensure you feel confident in what you offer and who you serve.

Module Three: The Service System

Developing clear systems that honor your clients (as well as yourself) is the prerequisite to a smooth client-photographer experience from initial inquiry to final delivery, and beyond.

Module Four: The Savvy Seller

We'll curate your portfolio and marketing materials that authentically represent your brand and naturally sell to your ideal clients. In this module, we'll also focus on strategies that can help you book publications, styled shoots, and accomplish other large-scale goals you have.



4 weekly calls with live teaching, support, and Q&A with over 8 hours of content that hasn't been released anywhere else

3-month access to 4 premium training modules that will help you gain the clarity needed to build a highly profitable and impactful photography business

Plug & Play Content Calendar, Contract Templates, Email Scripts, and more to help you revamp your contracts, questionnaires, and client emails

Additional support via a private FB Community/Group

One-time payment of


3 monthly payments of


When you register, you’ll also receive:

I was struggling with confidence and connecting with my photography community was a challenge.

- Devon

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